Standard cakes are cakes that are made to order exactly as pictured.

Your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate base. You may choose any colour. 

Toppers or sprinkles can be added to these cakes for an additional charge. Want to upgrade your flavour? Additional charges will also apply. 

If you would like to change the design of the cake, please refer to our Custom Cakes Section below.


 6"  - $65

 8"  - $85

10" - $100

12" - $120


 6"  - $95

 8"  - $115

10" - $130


 6"  - $75

 8"  - $90

10" - $110


 6"  - $70

 8"  - $90

10" - $110

(without flowers or topper pictured)


 6"  - $60

 8"  - $80

10" - $100

Custom Cakes

Our custom cakes are priced individually based on a multitude of factors. We invite you to check out the Products, Ordering and FAQs page. When ready to place an order, please use our form on the "Make an Order" page. 

You'll need the following information:

  • Cake size or Amount of servings needed.

  • Colour scheme/theme

  • Date of pick-up or delivery.

  • Flavour(s)

  • Any fillings

  • Design Inspiration (photos or details)

Please note that we strive for the utmost quality when preparing your orders. We cannot duplicate someone else's work, but can use your design and keep close to it as much as possible.


Please be realistic with your expectations. Some things may not be possible for us to do or we have removed from our repertoire. 


If you are unhappy with the quote we have given you for your cake, we encourage you to shop around and feel out the market for your particular order. Please do not ask us to lower the prices of our cakes. Ingredients, time, and gas are all factors we consider when pricing cakes and we ask that you not haggle or bargain with us. The price is set. 

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