Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a peanut-free facility?

Unfortunately no, Sweet Pieces is not a peanut-free facility. While no nuts are used in the making of your desserts (unless required), I cannot guarantee no cross-contamination will not have occurred.

Do you acommodate dairy, egg, or gluten allergies?

No. Sorry, my products are NOT dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, or peanut-free.

Are your cakes vegan?

No. My products contain eggs and soy.

Where are you located?

Brampton, Ontario

Do you deliver?

Yes, I deliver within the GTA. Delivery charges are based on your location and calculated based on mileage.

Are toppers available?

Yes, toppers are available to order, but must be ordered at least one (1) week in advance. Each topper, whether cake or cupcake, is ordered from a third-party. The cost of the topper will be built into the price of your cake. Note: Once a topper is ordered, no changes can be made.

Can you ship your products?

Unfortunately, no. Your items would be destroyed before they made it to you and I want you to have a positive experience with your order.

What do I need when placing an order?

Great Question! 1. Cake size or Amount of servings needed. 2. Colour scheme. 3. Date of pick-up or delivery. 4. Flavour(s) 5. Any fillings. 6. Design Inspiration (photos or details will suffice)

If you are ever unhappy with your order, please speak with us immediately.